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  Branded BeginningsTM 

What's in a name?  Everything!
You will never get a second chance to make a first impression...and it all starts with your name.  But naming is complicated, slow, and expensive.  It should be simple, fast, and affordable.

That's where Namation comes in with Branded Beginnings.
Our Branded Beginnings process develops custom brand marks based on your strategies and provides the tools you need to use them.  No one-size fits all...so we sculpture a solution that meets your needs.  See how we can work for you!

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  Get on a Winning Page

   >  Naming Philosophy

   >  Customer Objectives

   >  Advertising Plan

  Develop Powerful Ideas

  Branding Hierarchy

Ideation Process

   >  Concept Validation

  Deliver Advertising Tools

   >  Marketing Essentials

   >  Brand Standards

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Strategy     Top

> Naming Philosophy

We believe your brand marks should:

- say what your product is
- provide a unifying company theme
- appeal to your target customers
- position you against the competition

It sounds simple, but most companies and their marketing firms don't do this very well.  This is where we begin.

> Customer Objectives

We continue by understanding what you are trying to accomplish:

- who are your customers?
- what is your product?
- why should anyone buy from you?
- what are your marketing tactics?

These answers will dictate the direction of our branding activities.

> Advertising Plan

Equally important is understanding how you will communicate your company name and related brand marks.

Your selection of marketing mediums (web, print, radio, video, etc.) will determine strategy to the extent that  customers need to read, write, hear, see, and even speak your brand marks.

Creative     Top

> Branding Hierarchy

Our branding hierarchy will structure your complete brand marks, including:

- company names
- tagline
- product family names
- product names

We will build an intelligent and flexible structure that will provide the foundation for long-term success.

> Ideation Process

This is the really fun part and we won't tell you how we do it...just that we do it fast!  We generally develop 10 to 15 naming ideas across 3 to 5 themes and then refine one or two themes for final selection. 

> Concept Validation

We will conduct trademark research on all developed brand marks and only deliver recommendations that appear free from any copyright infringements.  (Ultimately, the client has responsibility to confer with legal counsel before using any marks.)

Namation can also commission various types of research and market testing to size the market potential of any brand mark.

Execution     Top

> Marketing Essentials

We take your brand marks and develop the marketing tools you will need to use them.  We can provide options for:

- Internet Domain Names
- Vanity Toll Free Numbers
- Business Logos
- Business Cards, Letterhead, Etc.

> Brand Standards

You may have only requested a single brand mark, but you may really need a complete set of brand standards.  This entails:

- options for logo placement
- standardized font styles and sizes
- color selections for fonts and logos

All marks can be delivered in formats (JPEG, GIF, RGB) as required.

> Consulting Services

The experts at Namation also provide an array of related services including:

- strategic planning
- marketing plan development
- advertising management
- web development

Additional consulting services are also available.

Branded Beginnings
We develop custom brand marks based upon your business strategies and provide the tools you need to use them.  Our projects range from the simplest, such as a single tagline or product name, to complete sets of brand marks including names, logos, and color selection as well as related web development..

The principals at Namation have contributed to the development of the following brand marks in recent years (and others which we are unable to disclose):

Let us build a solution for youContact us via email with a brief description of your project and we will schedule a time to discuss your request.  We only work on a few select projects at a time so don't delay.

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